Dimitris Kontokostas


Dimitris is a data geek working as a senior knowledge engineer at GeoPhy. He enjoys building and manipulating big [knowledge] graphs, data quality pipelines and contributing to open source software. He usually writes code using Java/Scala but prefers Bash when possible.

He is really close to holding a PhD on large scale knowledge extraction and quality assessment from Leipzig University and has published over 40 papers on various scientific venues. He is the co-editor of the W3C specification SHACL RDF constraint language, the chairman of the Shape Expressions (ShEx) W3C community group and a co-author of the “Validating RDF data” book.


Graph databases & data integration

45' talk

After the recent announcement of Amazon Nepture it became more apparent that Graph databases are becoming mainstream. This talk will provide an overview of graph databases and showcase how they can facilitate data integration tasks

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