Containers Grow Up: Use Cases in Serverless and IoT

Containers Grow Up: Use Cases in Serverless, IoT

Containers in the Docker-era have been attractive for many reasons, not the least is the developer’s ease of packaging and delivery of an application. While those exciting days of “docker run ubuntu” have been superseded by additional layers of complexity—distributed systems, orchestration, network and storage layers—the isolation and packaging of the container format is still revolutionary to the modern cloud native world.

So, as containers grow up in a sense, with that maturity has come an expansion of the vision of where containers can continue bringing efficiency, workload portability and ease of deployment. In this keynote Phil will detail what’s happening in the serverless, IoT and edge spaces where containers are seen providing the common unit of work in these new environments.

Phil will demonstrate container technology’s applicability to these exciting areas and demonstrate a mash-up of serverless and IoT technologies to showcase the value that containers bring to these spaces.

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