Bret McGowen

Bret is a Developer Advocate for Serverless on the Google Cloud Platform team at Google, focusing on serverless products like Google Cloud Functions, App Engine, Firebase, machine learning APIs, and more. He’s currently an aspiring Node.js developer. Prior to Google, Bret worked as a software engineer in the cloud industry at Rackspace. Before that, he led engineering teams at e-commerce and non-profits and tried his hand at creating two startups. He’s often on the running trail, volleyball court or kickball field.
Bret earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Texas A&M University.


Serverless beyond functions: Google's compute, big data, and machine learning tools

45' talk

Come learn what serverless means for Google Cloud and Firebase, and how we’re building tools beyond Functions-as-a-Service to help you create powerful serverless applications. With live demos, Bret will cover Google Cloud’s serverless compute, big data and machine learning tools, as well as Firebase…

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