Ron Munitz


Ron is a serial entrepreneur and a software development consultant, with long history developing performance and safety critical software, leading development groups, training application and platform developers, and helping companies in the process of board bring-ups, design and execution of embedded systems products, security best practices and product start-up. He specializes in all aspects of distributed systems, Linux and Android internals, a member of the Android-X86 project and the the designer and original developer of the first Android Remote Display Protocol, as the Founder and CTO of Nubo, the first Remote Android Workspace for the Enterprise. Ron frequently passes on his knowledge on the world's leading domain expertise conferences, as an individual trainer for The PSCG, and as an instructor for The Linux Foundation and NewCircle, as well as teaching for Holon Insititute of Technology and Afeka Tel-Aviv College of Engineering, where he heads the Cyber Security track.