Holly Cummins


I've never seen a job I didn't want to automate. Sometimes it's worked out well, sometimes automation has turned a small nuisance into a big, fragile, free-time-eating monster nuisance. In this talk, I'll explore why we automate, when to automate, the hazards of automation and the - big - rewards of automation. I'm part of the team developing IBM's WebSphere Liberty application server. We've used a mix of off-the-shelf and home-rolled tools and processes to work smarter and more productively. I'll describe what we've learned as WebSphere has transitioned to DevOps and continuous delivery and why I still can't resist trying to automate all the things.

"Computers are getting smaller and smaller and cheaper and cheaper. Its possible to sock computers away almost anywhere, and to connect almost anything to the internet. This talk will explore the limits of embeddable hardware and present a getting-started-guide to the internet of things, using a pcDuino, WebSphere Liberty, and Bluemix as a case study. Whats needed? How much does it cost? Whats the best way of making an embeddable device talk to the internet, and turning data into an application?

As well as hints and tips, there will be a show-and-tell session (or demo if youre discussing with your boss)."