Nikos Katirtzis


Hi, I’m Nikos and I’m a Software Engineer currently working for (Expedia Group) in London, where I am part of the team that is responsible for user authentication and identification. My studies include a MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a MSc in Computer Science. My interests lie mainly in the field of Software Engineering and Data Mining but I’m interested in promising software technologies in general. I’ve developed Mantissa, a Recommendation System for Software Engineering (RSSE) emphasizing Test-Driven Development (TDD), which allows code searching in growing repositories, and CLAMS, a framework that generates API usage examples from client source code.


Improving your team’s source code searching capabilities

45' Talk

Have you ever asked yourself how crucial source code searching is for you and your company?

Based on a recent Google survey, the average developer performs more than 10 searches on a typical weekday. This, combined with the fact that most companies are moving from monoliths to microservices -and as …

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