Ready to experience the magic of coaching?

This year, Voxxed Days Singapore is giving you the opportunity to take free coaching sessions!


Why this initiative?

Skills like self-awareness, deep presence, empathy, powerful listening and questioning or perspective taking are now considered essential in order to be “future of work-ready”. They are indeed considered as key ingredients for creativity, innovation, problem-solving, collaboration or navigating difficult conversations.


These skills are at the heart of coaching. No wonder why so many organizations are starting internal coaching programs, “embed a coaching culture” initiatives or train their leaders to become coaches. Most Fortune 500 CEOs are being coached.


Acquiring the coaching skill set and being coachable is without any doubt part of “Reinventing The Way We Work”, which is one of our track. For this reason, we’ve brought together a diverse group of experienced coaches – women and men who work with startup companies, NGOs, MNCs, senior leaders and executives in a wide array of industries – who accepted to offer 30 min coaching sessions free of charge. Yes. Free. Zero. Zilch.  


We’re very excited about this initiative. If you’ve ever considered coaching or if you’re curious to see how it feels to be coached, now is the right time!