Katerina Skroumpelou


Katerina is a front-end developer at Upstream. In her free time she is all web, speaking at conferences and co-organizing the AngularAthens meetup. She likes to mix and match web technologies. Before diving into web development, she studied Architectural Engineering and Spatial Analysis at UCL. She is indigenous to the internet, and she loves web development. So much that she does not understand the distinction between work and life sometimes. Or so her friends say. She lives with her Maine Coon in Athens, Greece.


Angular real time interactions with WebSockets

45' Talk

Using Angular and WebSockets we will be turning physical motion into virtual motion, in order to perform actions in our browser (navigation, event firing, etc). We will see the integration process step-by-step, resulting in a simple web application using WebSockets, Angular and a plain WebSocket client/server node.js server…

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